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Sprint Complete Insurance Water Damage

Conclusions after pouring through the numbers, i think you can see that under these conditions, i’m just not seeing how sprint’s total equipment protection service is worth the money. The basic insurance policies apply as well.

Complete but water damaged. Repairable. Arcade games

Is this really how sprint treats their customers?

Sprint complete insurance water damage. Fees may range up to the total original value of the device. Sprint complete is administered by third party insurer asurion and costs between $9 and $19/month, depending on which tier you fall into (there are five). 5 applecare services administration is a separate program from applecare+.

Tech expert may be available separately for $7/month. The erp insurance deductibles listed above apply to approved claims for loss, theft, and physical or liquid damage (excluding adh). Sorry to hear about the recent incident with your phone.thanks for getting in touch with us for assistance.

Customers who take advantage of sprint complete also have access to discounts and faster turnaround times for repairs and replacements. For more than 20 years, asurion has helped over 300 million people unlock the potential of their technology, making their lives a little easier and their tech a lot more amazing. The sprint total equipment protection plan can help people who have a knack for damaging or misplacing phones.

1 the monthly charge for tep plus and tep includes the cost of insurance provided in the program. Discover how to replace a. With sprint complete insurance, repairing a cracked screen costs $29, device repairs between $25 and $140, and total.

Does it cover water damage? Loss, theft, and physical damage (excluding adh). Adi is underwritten by continental casualty company, a cna company (cna) chicago, il, and administered by asurion protection services, llc, a licensed agent of cna (in iowa, lic.

The damaged device fee will vary based on the model of phone as well as the type and extent of damage; Technician was so generous though and said he’d make an exception and fix my device for the $29 dollars stated in the sprint complete repair chart. Third party insurance may also charge a deductible or fee for repairs;

It was devastating and he had me pay $400 charge called a equipment lease capital cost. Service fees range from $25 to $140 per approved repair, depending upon the type of device and nature of the damage and frequency of repair. Start, manage, or track your sprint claim.

Sprint complete covers defects after the standard warranty expires, accidental damage and theft and loss. Accidental damage from handling (adh), and mechanical and electrical breakdown due to defects in materials or workmanship as a result of normal wear and tear (malfunction). In this post, we’ll provide an overview of the sprint complete insurance plan, including what it covers and how to access its benefits.

All screen repairs cost $29, and other repairs range between $25 and $140. Total equipment protection (tep) covers water damage for equipment, as well as loss, theft and physical damage. Within the first 24 months, for the first two screen damage claims, a $29 service fee applies.

Other damage, theft or loss: If it doesn't, how easy would it be to say i lost it? Sprint phone insurance water damage tip!

I’ve been paying insurance from the start and was told that if anything happens, it will be replaced free of charge. You can pay a damaged device fee to return it as is. This week my son's phone suffered water damage and would not even boot up.

For a limited time, protect any device on your account from loss, theft damage or malfunction. My dad pays insurance for it. Ok so another flaw is water damage indicator, they refer you to replace your full device smh sprint just repair the thing.

If you’re a sprint customer (or you’re thinking about switching to the carrier) and want to protect your smartphone in case of loss, theft or damage, you’ll want to check out sprint complete. Sprint complete is powered by asurion, sprint’s trusted partner for protection and support. Ready to get started with your claim?

In going online to sprint's support chat they informed him to simply go into the local store and exchange the phone. 2 for customers who elect insurance coverage, the monthly insurance premium may include fees payable to sprint and/or asurion. First, you have to go online with the insurance company, asurion, and file a claim.

When i lost my phone i had to pay 50. Sprint complete is a service that allows you to manage repairs and replacements, as well as general support for your sprint device. For sprint complete customers with eligible iphone devices, there is no additional charge for device malfunctions.

And fees as under sprint complete; 2 the monthly charge for sprint complete includes the cost of insurance provided in the program. Insurance doesn't cover water damage.

4 there may be limitations on the size of each video that can be backed up and secured. I had to pay off the rest of the phone, according to the in store associate. I got a bs life proof case from verizon it's self and it destroyed my phone to the point where it doesn't turn on.

How much will it cost? The next day he did just that only to find out that's not how it works. $360 ($15/month) $249 (though applecare+ pricing applies to.

3 the sprint complete app can only be used on compatible devices. New york residents may purchase insurance separately for $2.00 or $6.25 depending on your device. Am i eligible for screen repair?

Theft and loss replacement fees range from $50 to $275. If you damage your phone, sprint will repair or replace the phone. Depending on the device, erp is available for $1, $3.75, or $5 and esrp is available for $8.25, $9.25, or $12.

Sprint complete app available with sprint complete *complete is a combination of adi, adss, and tech expert. Does verizon cover water damage on the iphone 5s? Today i got really bad water damage on my iphone 5s.

I dropped my phone in water. My sprint 4g galaxys cell phone has been randomly rebooting or locking up as i navigate applications and got to the point where i had to take it in. There is a deductible of $50 or $100, depending on the cost of the phone covered.

Squaretrade offers warranties similar to applecare, but are not affiliated with or licensed by apple. Sprint offers cell phone insurance via their sprint complete program. Sprint complete must be added within 30 days of activation or upgrade.

A phone would considered damaged for several reasons. If eligible, you have options:

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